Lean-To Conservatories Bromsgrove

Lean-To Conservatories bromsgrove
Lean-To Conservatories Bromsgrove

Lean-To Conservatories

Looking for the right conservatory to fit in a small area? Own a property with height restrictions or little room under the eaves? Want your conservatory to be uncomplicated with clean lines whilst also letting in the maximum amount of sunlight? Then a Lean-To conservatory could be the perfect solution.

Sometimes called a Sun Lounge conservatory, a Lean-To is built onto an existing wall, with a flat angled roof running straight down from the side of the house. This angled roofline allows rainwater to easily flow down and into the conservatorys guttering.

The Benefits of a Lean-To Conservatory

A Lean-To is one of the most traditional conservatory styles, and hugely popular in Bromsgrove for a number of reasons:

  • Makes the best use of available space and can be built in a very small area
  • Optimises internal floor space even where there is only a small amount of driveway, yard or garden to build onto
  • Excellent value for money
  • Quick and easy to construct
  • Maximises natural sunlight
  • Suits virtually all housing styles and periods
  • Particularly popular addition to bungalows and cottages
  • Perfect for properties with strict building regulations or height restrictions. Our roofing solution allows for variable pitch to cater for all housing types

Choose from our extensive range of finishing options to create that perfect bespoke design. This includes choice of colour, finish, glazing designs, decorative glass, flooring and roofing material.

MCM Window World is a Bromsgrove based company specialising in double glazing, conservatories, doors and home improvements. We have over 20 years of industry leading experience. We pride ourselves on the highest quality products, expert fitting, attention to detail and cutting edge design; all at a price you will love.

Passionate about design

Here at MCM Window World, we understand the importance of good design, especially where a new or replacement conservatory is concerned. We offer a custom-made design solution for each installation, ensuring that every last detail fits perfectly and giving you a stylish, yet highly usable new room to enjoy.

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